Global Game Jam Awesomeness!!

This past weekend I attended my third 48 hour Global Game Jam, I had a feeling that the third time would be the charm and luckily I was correct.

Although we had a rocky start trying to figure out what our game would be about, a few key insights from experienced game makers helped to steer the game design towards the right path. Sometimes you can’t move forward if the pieces aren’t in the right place. The best and simplest lesson was the inclusion of “Verbs” (words that convey an action); once this layer in the design process was in place it proved to be a scaffold for the rest of the game design, which is interesting because our game is about how past actions influence your ability to achieve future goals.

Heres a link to the game. Blockage Game

I want to thank everyone that was involved in my team I had a really great experience!

Lead Programmer: John Nesky

Sound Designer: Ashley Zeldin

Assistant Designer: Raghav “Rage” Bashyal

Special thanks to: Jack Bogdan, Alex Kerr, Gordon Bellamy, Colin Windmuller

Super Special thanks go to my buddy Bryson from Sokay Games, for the last month I’ve been learning game design concepts from him, and it really, really, really helped out!

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